Month: November 2016

Underground upgrades


I was told by the architect today that this is a VERY important new brick pillar.  It is now holding up the main dividing wall throughout the building so we can feel confident that it is not going to collapse any time soon.


The window in the basement under the front door is the latest to be removed for restoration.


Going topless


The roof is now off the LSI and the condition of the rafters and the underlying support can be inspected.



Detail of some of the wood to which the rafters are attached – not looking that great.



A good opportunity to have a vacuum up in the roof!




Access all areas


This week the opening for the new lift has been created at the back of the building.  The new lift will provide access for everyone to all floors for the very first time.


And still it grows…


At the end of October we posted about the growing scaffolding in the building.  Its now crazy, upstairs rooms are pretty inaccessible, and the site office is squeezed into one end of the main room with a small desk on the landing for the site manager.  This is all to provide the necessary support to be able to repair the roof, build the first floor mezzanine and generally strengthen the structure of the building.

img_4258-min  img_4194-min

img_4193-min  img_4292-min

The statue of Minerva and other historic features are now all boarded up for protection.

Raising the roof


The tiles have now been removed from the roof allowing access to the rafters and roof space.  During this work it became evident that the metal ties holding the front parapet together had rusted and swollen, the parapet has therefore had to be dismantled and will be rebuilt.  Chimneys are also being rebuilt.

img_4271-min    img_4279-min


The slates from the main roof are being careful collected and will be reused on the new roof of the rear building.  The main building will be re-roofed with slightly larger reclaimed slates that are more appropriate to the pitch and size of the roof.


Little patch of grassy garden in rear gutter     img_4276-min

Spray paint and knives


Not the obvious choice of tools for school workshops but students from the The Minerva Learning Trust stepped up to the mark and worked fantastically to cut out their own stencils and spray them onto the 7.5m long hoarding mural which is now outside the LSI.  The workshops began with the question “what do you think is special about Bridport?”

img_4211-min   img_3871-min

img_4219-min   img_4230-min

Over 100 students from across the Sir John Colfox Academy, Bridport Primary, St Mary’s CE and Burton Bradstock Primary Schools worked on the project with Miss *C’s Graffiti Academy.  Cleo Heard, the graffiti artist who led the project said, “I have been really impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of the local schools to this project.  The work that has been produced really is unique to Bridport and illustrates what young people today value about their home town”.

img_4242-min  img_4244-min

Kay Taylor, Executive Principal of the Minerva Learning Trust said, “It is really important to us that we maintain a broad curriculum which allows students the opportunity to express themselves, develop their artistic skills and learn together across all schools.  The community element in this project has been particularly interesting and I know all the pupils involved were thrilled to be asked to take part”.