A nod to the workers

The builders working on site are doing a fantastic job and its worth just recognizing that they are working in really tricky conditions and appreciating how jolly and friendly they always are.  During the cold weather it has felt as if the inside of the LSI is significantly colder than everywhere else but due to constraints of the site there is no warm and cosy site office for coffee and lunch times.  The builders have to use what ever space is available (currently the landing) and heat comes from small freestanding electric heaters – its freezing in there!

The hallowed flexi bucket has been the tool of choice during the excavations – tonnes and tonnes of mud, clay and rubble have been removed by hand from the basement and out of the building through a small window opening – a feat of patience and endurance!

There is a real sense that everyone working on site is very proud of their work, they really care and appreciate just how important the LSI is as an historic building.  Its incredibly exciting to see work progressing and reassuring to know that the building is in really good hands.