To our main entrance there are 7 steps leading up to the front door, taking you into the foyer and then through to the café.  During working hours the door is always open.  There is a secondary glass door which is sometimes closed, depending on weather conditions.

For people in wheelchairs or who find stairs difficult, we have a platform lift from pavement to basement which is self-serve, and another entrance at basement level.  The basement door opens at the push of a button.  On entrance to the building, follow the flagstone corridor to the courtyard area.  To the right is our internal lift which can take you from basement (B) up to ground floor level (G) where the café and workhub are.

Unfortunately, due to narrow turning and access points, our seating areas and lifts are not suitable for mobility scooters.

Guide & assistance dogs are very welcome.

If you have any access requirements which are not covered here, please do contact us by email or telephone 07780 588007.