Bringing in the big boys

The last week has seen the arrival and installation of the major steels in the roof to reinforce the building structure and enable the new mezzanine in the first floor.  For safety we had to close the footpath outside the building for one day but when you look at the size of the steels – which all had to be individually hoisted up the front of the building – I’m sure no-one would really want to be walking anywhere near them when they were in mid air!

img_4485-min   img_4486-min

Meanwhile elsewhere in the building the floor to the rear building has gone – it would make quite a lovely banqueting hall!  However a new floor will be going in, together with miles of cabling and ventilation to create lovey new toilets and super smart professional work space (if you’re looking to set up, expand or simply get out of the house to work, the LSI will be the place to be – you can send us an email via the contact page if you want to be kept in touch!)

img_4487-min   img_4489-min

This work has revealed more lovely handmade details – here the mortise and tenon joinery on the old fireplace hearth


Like a little chick hatching from its shell we’re nearly through opening up the downstairs arch – and the lift openings are now finished.

img_4490-min   img_4491-min

We will hopefully have one more post before the site closes for Christmas next week.  Thank you all for your ongoing interest and support – 2017 will see huge changes and a glorious reopening of this amazing building later in the year.