Colourful developments

Work continues to progress at amazing pace at the LSI and recent developments for some reason have lots of  very strong colours running through them.

The rear roof is now covered with slate and lead guttering details are being put in place.

img_0095-min    img_0098-min

The front roof isn’t far behind.  Now the interior scaffolding has been removed the new first floor mezzanine is starting to take shape.

img_0059-min    img_0034-min-1

Inside the floors are being cut to allow for the lift shaft so the old colourful toilets are now gone.  In contrast the rear building is looking a little ominous as the tanking begins but it won’t be long before dark becomes light

img_0100-min    img_0097-min

At the front the light is flooding through the scaffolding and casting lovely shadows on the ramp down into the basement – and I wonder if the builders are making votive offerings to help speed the project?

img_0099-min     img_0094-min