Mental health & the workplace. Free workshop 13th June 8:15-10:00.

Do you know how to deal with mental health issues in the workplace?

Come to a morning session with Porter Dodson to find practical advice.

A lot of businesses shy away from mental health issues, yet they are all too common and one of the top reasons for sickness absence.

They affect morale, productivity and staff turnover (and all too often leave employers battling complex litigation, which could have been avoided).

Getting it right doesn’t need to be difficult but burying your head in the sand is not the solution.

Join this not-to-be missed, interactive session, which will provide practical advice on how to spot, reduce and manage stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace.

Speakers from Porter Dodson will be joined by Demolish The Wall to help give you the confidence to deal with this growing problem head-on.

Visit Porter Dodson’s website for more information and contact for booking details. Or register through Eventbrite.