SAVE THE DATE – 7 Feb 2017


Face: Shape and Angle – Helen Muspratt

An illustrated talk on the photographer by her daughter Jessica Sutcliffe

Tuesday 7 February 2017
7.00pm for 7.30pm

The pioneering photographer, Helen Muspratt was encouraged to open her first studio in her home town of  Swanage, Dorset by Francis (Fra) Newbery, painter of the murals in Bridport Town Hall and the retired head of the Glasgow School of Art, who had himself studied at the LSI.

He later introduced her to her future partner Lettice Ramsey and together they opened a new studio; Ramsey & Muspratt, in Cambridge and were drawn in to a brilliant society of young intellectuals, artists, scientists and left wing activists and made portraits of many well known people.


Fascinated by the work of Man Ray, they began experimenting with techniques such as solarisation and multiple exposures, producing extraordinary images of their friends and clients which are now recognised as important examples of Twentieth Century photography.

Helen Muspratt also ventured into documentary photography when she visited the Soviet Union in 1936 and the Welsh Mining Valleys the following year. Her story includes fascinating glimpses of a childhood in India, the artistic community in Purbeck in the twenties and thirties, experiments in the darkroom with Cambridge Scientists, marriage to a communist party activist, the reality of being a working mother and above all, her passionate interest in recording the human face in all its shapes and angles.

This talk celebrates the publication of a new book on Helen Muspratt by Jessica Sutcliffe, copies of which will be for on sale on the night and for signing by the author.